[Tex/LaTex] How to get the single turnstile symbol?


I am trying to replicate a logic symbol that looks like \models but has only one horizontal line, and represents a logical deduction. It looks roughly like |-.

I have tried Detexify, but it does not seem to recognize the symbol even though it is very simple to draw (and therefore it is unlikely I drew it poorly).

While I could look through the entire list, that seems less practical than asking if anyone is already familiar with it.

Best Answer

If your needs are relatively simple, you may want to use \vdash. If you are typesetting logic for anything beyond the most elementary level, the standard commands are unlikely to meet your needs. In that case, the turnstile package is the answer. This is true both if you need more complex symbols (e.g. triple lines or combinations of single/double/triple) or if you need a turnstile of any kind with subscripts or superscripts, as is usually the case.


A couple of symbols that look like the output caused by the above command:

Assertion: ⊦ Unicode hexadecimal: 0x22a6 In block: Mathematical Operators

Right tack: ⊢ Unicode hexadecimal: 0x22a2 In block: Mathematical Operators

(found with http://shapecatcher.com/)