[Tex/LaTex] How to get mathematical fonts to Illustrator


I am doing a thesis on graph theory, and I am currently drawing graphs with Illustrator. Vertexes and edges are easy to draw, but how about naming them? How do I get the symbols in image look like symbols in the text?

Best Answer

I totally, totally feel your pain.

When I was writing my dissertation on string theory I encountered the same issue. I managed to develop a pipeline which seems to work quite well:

  1. Draw your graphs/images in Illustrator.
  2. Use http://latex2png.com/. Type your latex equation in there, then preview at 2000 dpi.
  3. Save the image, then load into Illustrator. Alternatively, you can speed things up by using a screencapture software (e.g. ShareX) so you can skip the image saving+loading process.
  4. When in Illustrator, select your imported equation image and choose Object --> Image Trace --> Make and Expand. It is very important to obtain a high dpi image for this step to work favorably.
  5. Your equation should now be a vector graphic.
  6. Select your new vector graphic equation and choose Object --> Ungroup. This will separate the white spaces in your equation from the black content that you need.
  7. Select the white spaces and delete them.
  8. You now have a fully editable equation looking exactly like it does in Latex. You can scale/adjust and colour to your requirements.

Using these same steps, I have managed to create things like in the images below: enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

Hope that helps,