[Tex/LaTex] How to get a fat version of \mathscr{D}


I'm trying to write a curly/curvy D and it is not \mathcal{D} or even \mathfrak{D}, rather it seems that it is \mathscr{D} I'm looking for, but then when I do write that it is a very thin capital D. I want a fat curvy one, just as shown in the figure below. Anyone know how to get one like that?

Edit: with fat I mean one which is wide with a lot of white space inside it.

Curly Fat D, not thin!!

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Expanding my comment into an answer:

The glyph in question is the math script "D" from the MathTime Professional 2 fonts set:

enter image description here

It also has a bold variant if required:

enter image description here

The script font is not available in the free "Lite" version of the fonts, only in the "Complete" version available for purchase. To my knowledge, a similar symbol in a free font does not exist.

If cost is more of a priority than matching the glyph style exactly, you may be interested in reviewing Christian's excellent answer here for more alternative script fonts. Check the "Calligraphic" section of the image posted in his answer.