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I used the acronym package (usepackage{acronym}) to create acronyms in my thesis. In the beginning of the document, I define the acronym as, for example, \acrodef{USA}{United States of America}. And then later to use this abbreviation I call it as \ac{USA}. How do we generate a list of Abbreviations (acronyms) as a list of figures and list of tables in LaTeX?

Best Answer

From the acronym package documentation:

Acronyms can either defined from an environment specifically introduced for that purpose or by direct definitions.The acronym environment allows one to define all the acronyms needed by a document at a single place and is self-documenting, since a table of acronyms is automatically produced.


If one does not want an acronym list to be produced at all, acronyms can bedefined directly thanks to the two commands

\newacro{〈acronym〉}[〈short name〉]{〈full> name〉}

\acrodef{〈acronym〉}[〈short name〉]{〈full name〉}

Therefore, use the acronym environment and the \acro command instead of \acrodef if you want to have a list of acronyms.


Some text \ac{USA}

\section{List of Acronyms}
 \acro{USA}{United States of America}

Compiling twice, you will get the following result:

enter image description here

For automated sorting and a lot more (formating) options, I'd recommend the glossaries or the glossaries-extra package.