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My question is simple: how can I force-move text to the left or right (or even outside of the margins)?

Some examples would be perfect.

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Does this code illustrate what you mean? I force a text to go in the margins (math and text). The \fbox are here only to show what's happening.

\documentclass[a4paper, 12pt]{article}

\usepackage[showframe, lmargin = 3cm, rmargin = 4cm, nomarginpar, , noheadfoot]{geometry}
\parindent = 0pt

Example : \medskip\\
\llap{\fbox{A text} }inserted in the left margin, \dotfill And now another text inserted\rlap{ \fbox{in the right margin.} }\\\\
 $ \mathllap{a = b\ }$This formula went strolling in the left margin \hfill and this one the right one$ \mathrlap{\ u = v. } $\\\\
You also can superimpose two pieces ot text: \quad \clap{A}\clap{V}


enter image description here

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