[Tex/LaTex] How to force a page break in LyX


Page break, New page, Clear page, Clear double page functions does not work for me in LyX. I tried to enter them via Insert ->…. and via LaTeX code \pagebreak etc.

But I desperately need to brake a page between two figures, because second picture occur inside the next subsection on the next page and that new subsection starts (in compiled PDF) right after the first figure. These two figures are too big to be placed at one page.

EDIT: MWE can be downloaded here

EDIT 2: Here is the screenshot for MWE:
enter image description here

LyX version 2.0.6, OS openSUSE 12.3.

Best Answer

This is a problem of float placement, more than page breaking. One way around this specific issue seems to make the first figure be placed on a float page, i.e. a page containing only floats. To do that, go into the settings for the float by right-clicking on the inset "title" (circled in the below screenshot), and choosing Settings. Here, uncheck Use default placement and check Page of floats:

Again, for this specific case, it seems the first figure will fit on the first page if the paper size is set to A4, rather than US Letter. If A4 is what you really want to use, go to Document --> Settings --> Document Class, and add a4paper to the custom class options.

enter image description here

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