[Tex/LaTex] How to fill an underfull box in footnote with url


Could someone help to correct the warning I get related to an underfull box with the following code? I have tried \hfill, hspace*{\hfill} etc with no luck.


\usepackage[breaklinks]{hyperref} %make hyperlinks references
    \hypersetup{colorlinks=true,linkcolor=blue,          % color of internal links



Microsoft continued to gain market \footnote{\url{www.some-asd-sdsasdasd-asdas-dasdas-dasdas-asd.com}}


So the answer to this is to use: the following:

Credits to How can I make my text never go over the right margin by always hyphenating or breaking on word-boundaries?

Best Answer

As already stated, the command \raggedright should do the trick, whether you are using \url or another command.

No package is needed for this, as it is already a built in LaTeX command.

Microsoft continued to gain market \footnote{\raggedright\url{www.some-asd-sdsasdasd-asdas-dasdas-dasdas-asd.com}}