[Tex/LaTex] How to exclude certain slides from handout


I have a made a quite standard beamer (3.12) presentation. To make my long academic presentation a bit more interesting I have inserted some (really, only two or three) slides with "random" pictures like lolcats to keep it a bit humorous.

Now I want these slides to be a surprise, so they should not be visible on the handout. How can I prevent these slides to be included on my \documentclass[handout]{beamer} version?

Best Answer

You can add <handout:0> to the frame you want to hide, e.g.,




% this frame won't be included in the handout mode
I am a lolcat!


Update: As Andrew suggested in the comment, you can use beamer:0 as well to hide it from the presentation. :) Besides, I agree with Andrew, please try to avoid lolcats at all costs, specially for academic purposes.


Too risky.