[Tex/LaTex] How to edit the text in the letter’s \encl{} command


When using the \encl{} command along with the Dutch babel, 'encl:' will be translated to 'Bijlage(n)'.

'Bijlage(n)' can be translated as 'Attachment(s)': it may be plural or singular.

However, I know that there will be only one attachment, so I want it to be printed as 'Bijlage'. How can I do that?

Minimal working example:



\signature{Mr Bond}
\address{My address \\ 
         My zip code \\
         My city}


\begin{letter}{Address \\ 
               Zip code \\
Bla, bla bla.

Bla bla bla? Bla!

\encl{Top-secret manuscript}

Best Answer

Add the following line after \begin{document}:


This redefines the text in the \enclname command.