[Tex/LaTex] How to display emoji in ShareLatex


I have followed the instructions, primarily starting with choosing the compiler to be XeLaTeX. The example at:

ShareLaTeX XeLaTeX example

provides instructions but it doesn't work for the emoji at the end of this line:


that's unicode 0001F913 if it doesn't render on your browser (it does for me)

I uploaded menlo.ttc from my mac since this works in Sublime and Sublime is using that font. Here's a picture of what I get (you can see the document is successfully in menlo:

screenshot of my ShareLaTeX attempt

Please, for specific reasons I need to be on ShareLaTeX so if you could just test that your answer works there I would be grateful.

Best Answer

the font formats are not (yet?) supported by luatex and xetex but you can get access to the emoji as images, for example the emojione site makes all the emoji in that font available as SVG which can easily be converted to pdf.

Once you have a pdf of each one then




zzz \includegraphics[height=1em]{1f913.pdf} zzz


enter image description here

The emojione images are available as svg or png here