[Tex/LaTex] How to disable links completely using hyperref package


A have a LaTeX paper I want to submit to the EDAS system. EDAS doesn't want papers to have links and suggests to 'remove the hyperref package from your file'. However, if I do that, my compilation breaks because of some hyperref options in my tex files (and also \url definitions, I think).

I want to keep everything as it is, and just disable the linking feature of hyperref to create a link-free version of my PDF. How can I do this?

Following the hyperref documentation I did \usepackage[draft]{hyperref}, and that seems to work. But that doesn't seem to be the official way. And I don't want to test multiple times if EDAS accepts it or not, because all authors get notified each time I submit a new version. Also, the [draft] option doesn't remove the PDF bookmarks either, which EDAS also doesn't want.

Best Answer

Thanks to @egreg, the recipe is

\usepackage[options]{nohyperref}  % This makes hyperref commands do nothing without errors
\usepackage{url}  % This makes \url work
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