[Tex/LaTex] How to deal with the size of the exponential type function’s argument


I have the following function in a report of global size 12 :

$Q= \rho V c_{p} \left( T -T_{\infty} \right) [ 1-e^{\frac {h A_s}{\rho V c_{p}}t}]$

As one would expect, the exponential function's argument appears very tiny:

enter image description here

Now , my question is that:

Are there ways to make deal with this problem?Some people may suggest and have suggested) that I change the argument's font size..that surely is a way but in small font sizes such as font size 12, it looks terrible , and others suggest to use the exp function , but I feel that , that answer applies to a class of functions that have popular inline alternatives.

Also answers suggested should be within the range of good scientific/mathematical documentation practices.

Best Answer

I would suggest:

$Q= \rho V c_{p} \left( T -T_{\infty} \right) [ 1-e^{h A_s t / \rho V c_{p}}]$

or, if you really want the t kept separate from the fraction, then:

$Q= \rho V c_{p} \left( T -T_{\infty} \right) [ 1-e^{(h A_s / \rho V c_{p})t}]$


enter image description here

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