[Tex/LaTex] How to create a separate List of Appendices like List of Figures or List of Tables in Lyx


My university requires a separate "List of Appendices" to be placed after the List of Tables and List of Figures in the dissertation.

I created an Appendix from a normal chapter with Document->Start Appendix Here

At PDF generation the Appendix appears in TOC as "A
instead Appendix A , however I could not find an easy command like the Insert->List/TOC->List of Figures for the Appendices.

I would like to accomplish two things:

  1. Create a separate List of Appendices to be placed after the List of Figures
  2. If possible to remove the Appendix A entry from TOC

First item is the most important as I can live with the entry in the TOC although it looks ugly.

Is there an easy way to do this in Lyx or at least a latex command that would construct the List of appendices that I can place after the List of Figures?

EDIT: I ended up doing it manually since I have only one Appendix, and it looks fine, but it dose not have the clickable hyperlink as the other lists. I have to figure out that one too.

Best Answer

this answer is from here, copy the following into your preable

\newcommand\listofappendixname{Table of \appendixname}


Then where you want to add the list add the \listofappendices in ERT

don't forget to make with \appendix command in ERT at the body of the text the area you want as an appendix.