[Tex/LaTex] How to create a .bib file for bibtex


how do I create a .bib file? I am trying to create a master bib file on texshop. When I save the file, it saves as a .tex, not .bib (even when I try to correct it manually).

thanks in advance

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Although it's possible to manage .bib files manually with a regular text editor (and TeXShop can do this too), most users prefer to use a dedicated bibliography manager.

For the Mac, there is the wonderful BibDesk, which you will find in the TeX folder installed with MacTeX. TeXShop has builtin integration with BibDesk. If your .bib file is open in BibDesk, and you've allowed BibDesk completions in the TeXShop preferences, you can enter in your source \cite{foo and then hit F5 and a list of all citation keys beginning with "foo" will appear as a drop down list next to the cursor. You then choose the right one and it gets inserted into your source.

It is possible to edit a .bib file manually with TeXShop. When you save any file in TeXShop there is a dropdown menu in the save dialogue box called File Format that allows you to choose the correct file extension for the file (see image below) Choose .bib from that menu to save a manually created .bib file.

file format

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