[Tex/LaTex] How to cite organization’s name with space between words


I need to cite an article by the World Bank. However latex interpreted it as a person's name. My bib entry is

    author={World Bank},
    title={{The East Asian miracle: economic growth and public policy}},
    publisher={Oxford University Press},
    address={New York, N.Y},

    keywords={Economic conditions; Economic policy},
    isbn={0195209931, 9780195209938},

And I get "Bank, W (1993)…" on my reference list. I used package apacite and \bibliographystyle{apacite}. So I need something like "World Bank. (1993)…" (with the space between the words).
Any help is appreciated.

Best Answer

You could put World Bank inside double brackets ({{World Bank}}). Like Mico points out in a comment, this will tell to BibTeX "to treat it as the name of a corporate author. None of the name's components will be parsed as being a first name, a "von" part, or a surname, and (importantly) sorting will be done by the first letter (here: W) of the field" (I am quoting Mico).

If you want more flexible and powerful settings, you should use BibLaTeX which has several mechanisms to treat corporate authors.

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