[Tex/LaTex] How to change the font size in math equations


I find that whenever I'm typing some equations into a document, and the equation gets a bit complex (let's say a fraction in a parentheses, squared, inside a square root, inside a fraction), the variables and whatnot that I put inside the "inner" parts of the equation get really, really, tiny. But if I set the font size to something a lot larger, the stuff on the "inside" gets tolerable, but the stuff on the "outside" (e.g., "x = lots of junk", x would be in the "outside") become gigantic!

How can I make it more pretty like my textbooks, where all variables are at the same size regardless of whatever parentheses/fractions/radicals they're under?

Best Answer

To get equal sizes, you could use \DeclareMathSizes in your preamble. The syntax is

\DeclareMathSizes{display size}{text size}{script size}{scriptscript size}.

You could simply set all to your default font size. In this example:

  x = \frac{1}{x + \frac{1}{x + \frac{1}{x}}}

where you firstly get different sizes:

alt text

inserting this line


changes the output to:

alt text