[Tex/LaTex] How to change text to normal font inside \itshape


I have the following code:




    \rad(R)=\{x\in R\mid x^n=0 \text{ where we consider } n\geq 1\}
more blablabla

        \item $x^n$ with $n=1$
        \item $y^m$ with $m=2$



I'd like the blablabla to be italic, but the text in the mathematical environment (for example "where we consider" and "with") shouldn't be. In my document, I have quite a lot of these blablabla's between mathematical environments, so that's the reason why I use the self-defined italic environment: to save some time and don't have to use \textit or \itshape all the time.

How can I solve this? Is this a good approach?

Edit: I've updated my question and changed the title, because the code I gave in the beginning didn't really reflect my situation. My mistake… I've used the tip to declare rad as a mathematical operator.

Best Answer

The \textit macro does not generally control the appearance of the text in the math environment. That's done separately.

In math mode you can use


Or if this is to be the name of a function you can load the amsmath package in the preamble


and then in the body of the text call


If this is something you will want to call repeatedly you can define a command to accomplish this:


and then in the body of the document you can write

  \rad(R)=\{x\in R\mid x^n=0 \text{ with }n\geq 1\}

If additionally you wish the with not to be set in italics, you can do something like

\text{\normalfont\ with }


\textnormal{ with }

You need to make this change within \text{...} because it inherits the style of the fonts outside of the math environment.

enter image description here

You should notice that \normalfont is a switch command like \bfseries which remains in effect until the end of the current group. As \textbf{...} corresponds to {\bfseries ....}, \textnormal{...} corresponds to {\normalfont ...}.

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