[Tex/LaTex] How to change font size of all text in a table


Hi I am trying the following code but only the first row (the headings) is being changed to the specified font size. How can I make the whole table's font size change?

\begin{tabular}{p{2cm} | p{2cm} | p{2cm}}
\Result 1 & Result 2 & Result 3 \\ [0.2ex] 
22 & 34 & 12\\ 
65 & 43 & 55\\ 
42 & 76 & 23\\ [1ex] 

Best Answer

Font size settings such as \fontsize{11}{9} do not take effect until \selectfont is issued so that should be


But that selects an 11pt font on a 9pt baseline so the text will not fit in the allocated space and you will get irregular spaced lines. Perhaps you intended


Or better