[Tex/LaTex] How to break a long equation?


I have an equation long enough to occupy two lines.
I want to break it to improve readability. How can I break it?

F = \{F_{x} \in  F_{c} : (|S| > |C|) \cap 
(minPixels  < |S| < maxPixels) \cap 
(|S_{connected}| > |S| - \epsilon)

I want to break it in 3 lines after \cap. But \\ or \n didn't work.

Best Answer

Use split environment provided by amsmath package.

F = \{F_{x} \in  F_{c} &: (|S| > |C|) \\
 &\quad \cap (\text{minPixels}  < |S| < \text{maxPixels}) \\
 &\quad \cap (|S_{\text{conected}}| > |S| - \epsilon) \}