[Tex/LaTex] How to boldify math without changing font style


I want to boldify math equations and symbols with out changing the actual font.

I tried the following, but I am not getting satisfactory results.

      a=f \equiv 2 \mod 4
      \bm{a = f \equiv 2 \mod 4}
      \mathbf{a = f \equiv 2 \mod 4}
      {\boldmath $a = f \equiv 2 \mod 4$}

The output for the above tags is as follows

enter image description here

I want my equation like the third line with fully bold, but with preserved alphabet font as in line 1.

\bm is not boldifying the entire equation, and \boldmath is not boldyfying at all. How can I preserve alphabet font using \mathbf?

Best Answer

You need \bm or \boldmath, not \mathbf

enter image description here



$ a=f \equiv 2 \mod 4$

$\bm{ a=f \equiv 2 \mod 4}$

{\boldmath $ a=f \equiv 2 \mod 4$}


Of course the bold symbols need to exist, not all font sets include bold.

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