[Tex/LaTex] How to Bibtex find the auxiliary files it needs when these are stored in a subdirectory


In order to make my major folder containing my master .tex file more clean, I have set Texworks to store all auiliary files in a subfolder called auxfiles. This was done by adding the following command line -aux-directory=./auxfiles into the Arguments list for the pdfLaTex processing tool in TexWorks (detailed explanation given in: How can I put .aux files in separate folder using a command inside TexWorks?). However, after having done this BibTEx is no longer able to find the auxiliary files it needs. How do I make BibTex find the auxiliary files it needs, and in addition put its output into the auxfiles directory?

Best Answer

You can modify the action of the BibTeX engine in the preferences of TeXworks, so that the argument line is


instead of simply $basename.

However, I suggest you to duplicate the engines: one normal BibTeX and another one, say BibTeX-AUX, that is modified in this way. Thus you'll be able to use both approaches.