[Tex/LaTex] How to balance last page of two-column layout

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I create a document in two-column-layout with LaTeX (and Koma-Script, if that is relevant). The two-column-layout is defined in documentclass. The last page of an chapter fills the left column first – the result is that both column are of different length. How can I balance that?

EDIT: flushend like mentioned in the answer of TH. doesn't work for me. Maybe it is conflicting with some other package I use?

EDIT 2: OK, after I tested with lipsum like suggested from Joseph Wright I saw it balanced. I tried a little bit and could find out, that flushend only balances the columns in the last chapter, not in all of them. Knowing that, I could see, that it is true for my document too, the last chapter has balanced columns. How can I achieve it for all of them? Here my short example:

\documentclass[a4paper, 10pt, twocolumn, DIV=18]{scrbook}










Best Answer

You can also use \usepackage{multicol} and use the \begin{multicols}{x} environment where x is the amount of columns. They will automatically align themselves according to what you want.

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