[Tex/LaTex] How to avoid underfull boxes in itemize


I am using an itemize as shown in this example:

    \item \textbf{The First}\\
    Some text here over fifty lines.... bla blah
    \item \textbf{The Second}\\
    Other text here over multiple lines... bla blablaaah
    \item \textbf{...}\\

The results looks as expected for me. 🙂 Result

But because of the \\ I get some underfull box messages. I also tried to use \newline or \linebreak insted.

How to avoid these overfull box messages?

Best Answer

Avoid using \\ out of tables, and never use it at the end of a paragraph.

enter image description here




\begin{description}[style=nextline,format=--- \textbf]
\item[The first]
 Some text here over fifth lines\ldots{} bla blah

\item[The second]
Other text here over multiple lines\ldots{} bla blablaaah