[Tex/LaTex] How to apply conjugate symbol in LyX for complex numbers


I've been trying to figure out how to apply the conjugate symbol on top of a complex number "z" in LyX, and I couldn't figure it out. Could somebody help me with this?

Best Answer

There are at least three ways of getting \bar, or alternatively, \overline in LyX:

  1. Type it directly: In math mode, type \bar (or \overline) followed by Space. Then type the z or whatever, and hit the space bar or use the right arrow key to move out of the inset.

  2. Use the keyboard shortcut:

    • \bar: Alt + M -
    • \overline: Alt + M B

    (I.e. hold Alt, press M, release both and hit -.)

  3. Use the button on the math toolbar, specifically the one showing a dotted box with a hat on it. You get a panel of options. \bar is number three from the left on the top row, \overline is the one that's highlighted.

    enter image description here

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