[Tex/LaTex] How to add different Q.E.D. symbols to different theorems


I have a series of theorem styles, two of them look like this:



I want to add a \blacksquare to the end of each definition and a \square to every theorem (that is, in the last line aligned to the right).

I read about redefining the \qedsymbol to the desired value, but no theorem displays any symbol.
Then, I tried wrapping the theorem into an additional environment, but then LaTeX throws missing $ errors at me. Both \newenvironment and NewEnviron produce these.

I would prefer to get the theorem system to add the symbol, anyway. So how can I specify the qed symbol to be used in your \newtheorem?

Best Answer

You can easily achieve what you want using thmtools as a front-end for amsthm; a little example:





Test definition.
Test theorem.