[Tex/LaTex] how can I add a custom subject line below the \opening section of in scrlttr2 doc


I'm struggling with my first latex project and I need to add a subject line, and make it bold, below the opening salutation in letter.

Any help much appreciated

Best Answer

scrlttr2 supports an option that allows the placement of the subject after the opening/greeting:



\setkomavar{fromname}{Mr. X}
\setkomavar{fromaddress}{Some Street 23 \\ Small Town}
\setkomavar{subject}{Very important stuff}

\begin{letter}{Mr. Y \\ Big Company \\ Capital City}
\opening{Dear Mr. Y,}

This is very important.



Other possible values (centered, left, right, titled,...) are explained in the very extensive manual (scrguide.pdf or scrguien.pdf).