[Tex/LaTex] Highlight / color parts of text


LaTex newbie here. Currently using vim with solarized color scheme to edit .tex documents.

When writing I often jump around to different parts of the document, leaving gaps behind to work on later. In Microsoft Word I would highlight text in yellow to remind myself what needed to be finished.
How can I do something similar with my .tex documents? I have seen this question but the answers focus on adding notes or highlighting to the final pdf product. I want something to stand out in the actual tex document I'm working on.

I tried putting comments after the lines, but these didn't stand out very well (almost same color as standard text). This may simply be a color scheme problem.

What is a typical/recommended way to do this?

Best Answer

You could use the soul package. If you put \usepackage{xcolor} and \usepackage{soul} in your preamble, then you can simply use \hl{...} to highlight a piece of text.





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