[Tex/LaTex] Having 1.5 linespacing except for the title page


Hey i would like to use \linespread{1.5} for a simple 1.5x linespacing. Unfortunately this breaks the templates title pages. Is there a simple solution for this?

Those pages age build like this:





And then called with \input{pages/title} in the main.tex under \frontmatter{}. Then there comes \mainmatter{} with my chapters. Could I use the linespread command only for this part somehow?

Right now there is a \linespread{1.05} in my settings.tex and I guess it has some purpose, too. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Best Answer

Like @Bernard said in his comment: First import setspace, and then use \setstretch{1.5} before your main part and everything works fine. Thank you!

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