[Tex/LaTex] Harvard Reference using Biblatex


I'm trying to build a Harvard reference template using biblatex. I at first gave the Harvard package a try but was then informed that this package is out-dated and instead should use biblatex. After setting up LaTex (see here) I went through the lovely 91 examples that came with the biblatex package. Sadly none of them had any full Harvard example. Which is a little strange seeing as this is the almost de-facto when it comes to references for academic papers.

My current code looks like this:

     AUTHOR  = "Kernighan, Brian W. and Ritchie, Dennis M.",
     TITLE   = "{The C Programming Language Second Edition}",
     PUBLISHER = "Prentice-Hall, Inc.",
     YEAR = 1988
     AUTHOR  = "Love, T.P.",
     TITLE   = "{CUED C++}",
     URL = "http://www-h.eng.cam.ac.uk/help/tpl/languages/C++.html",
     URLYEAR = 2010,


In 1988 C was totally awesome. \cite{KandR}
According to \cite{CUEDCplusplus} C++ was even better.


Does anybody know how I can instead have an output that fully matches the Harvard referencing system.

In other words, instead of looking like this (as it currently does)
Current output

It will look like this (The bibliography is correct though, so no need to change that)

Any help would be really appreciated.

Best Answer

There are almost as many flavours of author-year bibliography and citation style as there are of Christianity.

Depending on what you need, you should just be able to use \autocite, \parencite, or \textcite rather than \cite. Just to give a flavour:

In 1988 C was totally awesome \parencite{KandR},
while according to \textcite{CUEDCplusplus} C++ was even better.

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