[Tex/LaTex] “greater than” and “less than” not showing up in compiled document


I try to write a inline formula including a greater than sign:

$A < B$

If I use the above formula in an empty document it works fine, but in my full document it will just not show up. But I can see the additional space that is included due to the presence of the "greater than" sign.

I am using LyX with the classicthesis format.

Any Ideas where I could start looking?


I've found the solution. I have set the default roman font in the LyX document, which I did not want to.

\font_roman utopia

This has caused the problem.

As for the minimal working example. I did not find a good way to do this with LyX, as it is not generating soucecode as Latex does. And LyX documents are not mentionend in the default MWE article.


Best Answer

The problem occurs because of a conflict between classicthesis and the fourier package, which is loaded because you've set Utopia as the Roman font. Set the Roman font to Default in Document --> Settings --> Fonts, and things should work fine.

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