[Tex/LaTex] \graphicspath and \include


I am trying to define a central graphics path for my thesis, however, the chapters are included with the \include command and by using \include with \graphicspath, pdflatex complains about it can not find the pictures, is not that possible to use \graphicspath and \include together, for which I do not see a sound reasoning behind.

I use in the preamble


and use


Then it can can not find the pictures on the above mentioned directories recursively.

Best Answer

The \graphicspath command does not influence the directories \include takes into consideration, because \graphicspath is from the graphics package, while \include is plain LaTeX.

Unfortunately, like stated on Bits of document from other directories, there is no trivial way to build, e.g., an \includepath command. Nevertheless, the site mentioned above links two packages as a possible solution: chapterfolder and import, and especially the \cfinput command from chapterfolder might help. There is also another blog post describing the use of chapterfolder.

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