[Tex/LaTex] Going “back” when using hyperref


I'm including \usepackage{hyperref} so that each instance of \ref (as well as each page number in the index and the table of contents) automatically links to that page.

When I'm viewing the document (in Sumatra) and I click a link, I jump to the linked page. Is there any easy way to go "back" to where I was before I clicked the link? (And is the answer any different when using Adobe Acrobat reader?)

Best Answer

Actually this has nothing to do with TeX …

There’s no default, so one needs to check the viewer’s menus and shortcuts, because each application can use its own method. However, on MS Windows the keys are the same for Adobe Reader, SumatraPDF and PDF XChange Viewer (and probably some others which I can’t test now): Alt plus left cursor key for “Go back to last view” and Alt plus right cursor key for “Go to next view”. The latter is only active, when the former at least once was used. Despite the same key association the different readers behave not exactly the same. Enrico Gregorio (egreg) reported, that on Mac OS X it's Cmd + [ and Cmd + ] (except for Adobe Reader).

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