[Tex/LaTex] Glossary terms appear in full in the list of figures


I am using the command gls to create a glossary at the beginning of my thesis. However if I use the command for example in the caption of a figure environment, then the only time the full text together with its acronym appears only in the list of figures.

This then entails that the first time I use gls for a term in the main body of the thesis, only the acronym appears in the compiled version….

Is there a way to get around this issue??

Best Answer

I've found this to be the quickest solution for me:


The commands \glsunsetall and \glsresetall have the function to set or reset the so-called first use flag. With the sequence I've written, acronyms in the LoF and LoT are in the short form. Then, thanks to \glsresetall, they are displayed correctly in the text (first use first, and then the short form).

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