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I need a package to draw a Gantt chart in LaTeX, the primary criteria is just: ease of use. I am spending too much time learning "packages" here and there, this just needs to get a simple job done. I might be interested to know which ones are "better" for later reference, include them if you like, but for now… quick and dirty is golden.

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Like Claudio, I suggest you to use the pgfGantt package, which I find quite simple, and whose documentation is quite clear.

Here is a MWE, with custom label, progress bar and relations:




\begin{ganttchart}[y unit title=0.4cm,
y unit chart=0.5cm,
title label anchor/.style={below=-1.6ex},
title left shift=.05,
title right shift=-.05,
title height=1,
progress label text={},
bar height=0.7,
group right shift=0,
group top shift=.6,
group height=.3,
group peaks={}{}{.2}]{24}
\gantttitle{Week}{24} \\
\gantttitle{Saturday}{4} \\
\ganttbar{first task}{1}{2} \\
\ganttbar{task 2}{3}{8} \\
\ganttbar{task 3}{9}{10} \\
\ganttbar{task 4}{11}{15} \\
\ganttbar[progress=33]{task 5}{20}{22} \\
\ganttbar{task 6}{18}{19} \\
\ganttbar{task 7}{16}{18} \\
\ganttbar[progress=0]{task 8}{21}{24}

\caption{Gantt Chart}


enter image description here

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