[Tex/LaTex] Full reference inline in text


Using natbib, how can I obtain a full reference inline in the body of a document? I need to include the full reference, not just the citation, at the beginning of a chapter.

Best Answer

Use the bibentry package, for example

   author    = {Goossens, M. and Mittelbach, F. and Samarin, A.},
   title     = {The LaTeX Companion},
   publisher = {Addison-Wesley},
   address   = {Reading, Mass.},
   year      = {1994}}
   author    = {Press, W. H. and Teukolsky, S. A.
                and Vetterling, W. T. and Flannery, B. P.},
   title     = {Numerical Recipes in {C}, The art of Scientific Computing},
   edition   = {2},
   publisher = {Cambridge University Press},
   address   = {Cambridge, UK},
   year      = {1997}}


\section{Inline bib entry}
In Numerical Recipes (\bibentry{Press-1997}) it is ...

\section{Normal citations}
In the \LaTeX{} book of \citet{Goossens-1994} it ...

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