[Tex/LaTex] Fourier Transform (super-fancy) “f”


What's a "fancy" f I can use to denote a Fourier transform?
(I mean something fancier than what \mathcal{F} provides.)

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(Added as answer by request of the OP)

One way to get a fancier F than \mathcal provides is to use the \mathscr command provided by the mathrsfs package:

\usepackage{mathrsfs,amsmath}   %The amsmath package is included for \xrightarrow
\[\delta(t) \xrightarrow{\mathscr{F}} 1\]


mathscr MWE

To compare other fancy Fs: \mathfrak{F} from the amssymb package gives

enter image description here

\mathcal gives

mathcal MWE