[Tex/LaTex] Forward/Inverse Search Does Not work on certain tex files


I have this weird issue with forward and inverse searches.
I am using WinEdt + Sumatra combination. The forward and inverse search works perfectly on certain some .tex files, but fails on some others.

Currently, I am working on a .tex file and the inverse search always points to the end of a section. Where ever I double click in a particular section of the pdf, the inverse search points to the end of that section in the .tex file.

Moreover, when I try to perform forward search (Shift+F8) from the .tex file, the section in the pdf file doesn't get highlighted.

There are other .tex files where both the searches work perfectly. What could be the issue with this .tex file?

Best Answer

In TeXmaker synctex (i.e. jump to pdf or jump to source) fails if either the directory or the file name has a space. In TeXworks (and TeXnicCenter) synctex fails only if the file name contains a space. Maybe WinEdt behaves like TeXmaker.

Check if the offending file contains a space in its name, or if any of the directories used in the compilation process have a space in their names. Remember also to check if you have redirected the temporary or output files to separate directories.

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