[Tex/LaTex] footnote in the figure caption (through \footnotetext , footnotemark) does not appear in the same page as the figure


I have several figures in my thesis which need a footnote in their caption. However, I could not find an efficient way to do it looking into the others' inquiries in the forum. In fact, using the \footnotetext , \footnotemark as the following code, makes the footnote to be appeared in the page before the float. I tried some suggestions such as the minipage, \clearpage, etc., to adjust the problem, but they did not work. Anyone could help me? Would appreciate it!

 \caption{Lithostratigraphic profile of clay \protect\footnotemark.}
\footnotetext{Lithostratigraphic ....}

Best Answer

Here a solution with afterpage package.

From the manual

This package implements a command, \afterpage, that causes the commands specified in its argument to be expanded after the current page is output.

\chapter{chapter one} 

 \caption{Lithostratigraphic profile of clay\protect\footnotemark.}
 \footnotetext{Lithostratigraphic ....}