[Tex/LaTex] Font used in mathematical papers in Elsevier journals


The font in mathematical papers of Elsevier is elegant, as the figure below shows. I'd like to know the name of this font, that contains paconte and the command to call it.

enter image description here

For those who have access to a link to the PDF article is this.

I suspect that this font is protected by copyright and therefore there is a free package it. If this is the case then I would like a font in a free package available.

Is that possible?

Best Answer

According to some information on the webpage The elsarticle LaTeX document class, the font used by most Elsevier journals is called Gulliver. The designer of this font is Gerard Unger.

More information about this font may be found at this website. This font is proprietary, and I'm not aware of any "free" copies of this font. In particular, there's no LaTeX font package that lets you load the Gulliver font.