[Tex/LaTex] Fatal error, “Can’t write on file ‘test.pdf’


I am not the most experienced latex user, so I hope I can describe the problem accurately. When I compile my tex document I get following message:

! I can't write on file `test.pdf'.
Please type another file name for output

! Emergency stop.
\AtBegShi@Output ...ipout \box \AtBeginShipoutBox
\fi \fi
l.1 \begin{titlepage}

I run Windows 7 if it helps and I use following packages.


Best Answer

I have been having a similar problem. It is related to the pdf getting locked by Adobe Reader. Once Adobe opens the file, the compile error occurs. I delete the files (like the questioner), and compile works, but the error returns when I open it again in Adobe. I don't think the [g], as Martin Schroder suggests, was the solution.

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