[Tex/LaTex] Extra } or missing \right


I'm having this error each time i try to build the file "Missing \right or extra } error". I tried to figure it out but I could not know in which part is the error. I need break line because without it it will be not aligned and at the margin space. I just start using latex so
help me please

\Omega = \left\{&(H, H, H), (H, H, T), (H, T, H), (H, T, T), (T, H, H), (T, H, T),\\
                &(T, T, H), (T, T, T)\right\} 

Best Answer

an alignment or table cell marked with & forms a TeX group, and you need the matching \left to be in the same group as the opening \right



is an error as it is like

{\left\{} (

Just remove the \left and \right in this instance, or in general replace them by \bigl and \bigr where the fixed-size versions do not need to be in pairs within the same cell.