[Tex/LaTex] Expression under summation on multiple lines


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I want to write expression \sum_{i=0}^n i with i\neq 4 under the
summation symbol. How can I write this?

Best Answer

You can use \substack:

If this is desired in inline math you can use \limits to obtain the limits underneath the summation symbol:

However this is not recommended as it may not look good depending on how much adjacent text there is as it will affect interline spacing.


  \sum_{\substack{i=0 \\ i\neq 4}}^n i

In inline math: $\sum_{\substack{i=0 \\ i\neq 4}}^n i$, or
$\sum\limits_{\substack{i=0 \\ i\neq 4}}^n i$
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