[Tex/LaTex] Exporting from Org-mode to LaTeX ignores LaTeX_CLASS_OPTIONS


When I try to export from Org-mode to latex using C-c C-e l, the contents of LaTeX_CLASS_OPTIONS is always completely ignored. Here's a minimal example:


#+LaTeX_CLASS: article
#+LaTeX_CLASS_OPTIONS: [12pt,a4paper]

* Headline 1
  some text


% Created 2013-02-18 Mon 12:12

\author{John J. Camilleri}
\date{18 February 2013}




\section{Headline 1}

  some text


This is a clean version of Org-mode with no customisations. Any ideas? I don't know what else to try, yet it also seems too obvious to be a bug…

Best Answer

It seems this was an issue with an old version of Org-mode (I was using 6.33). I have since updated to 7.8 and now it works as intended.