[Tex/LaTex] Export of BibDesk articles


I am new to BibDesk and Latex. I was wondering if there is a faster way than exporting articles from BibDesk as a .bib file via the file -> export button to integrate those into latex? Isn't there any latex package which directly exports your articles form BibDesk?

So ideally I add a new reference to my BibDesk then copy the \cite tag and finally just rerun make (and other commands recompile latex and it is there.

Best Answer

As far as I know, BibDesk saves data in a .bib file, so you don't need to export anything, so long as the database is in a place readable by the TeX programs.

If you save your huge josh.bib file created by BibDesk in the folder


(create the structure if some of those folders don't exist, ~ represents your Home), then


in a LaTeX document will find all citations keys in that file.

Of course a \nocite{*} command would list in the bibliography everything you have in the big database and here's where the "export" function is needed: you can create a particular database from the main one for a specific document. But that's by no means necessary.