[Tex/LaTex] Example images in LaTeX


How to make an example image in LaTeX, a dummy image, a spot holder? I have seen it before, but I can't remember how they would made. It would be nice to be able to use example images – if you should help anyone or you need to question in this community. You might say I could easily Google it, but I tried – and are obviously too stupid to find anything.

\usepackage[ngerman, danish]{babel}




Is it also possible to resize the example image? So I need a usepackage to make an image without including an immage. An placeholder so anyone can try my code without needing images – just needing my tex-code. I hope you understand?

Kind regards!

Best Answer

Thanks to Martin Scharrer, modern LaTeX systems offer you some ready-to-use images; the documentation for the mwe package (Section 4 Provided Images) describes all available images (initially you had to load to package to use the images, but then the images were made usable without the package):








enter image description here