[Tex/LaTex] Example from PSTricks manual not rendering


Can you set me straight in the very first attempt to use PSTricks drawing features please? The ultimate goal is to draw a triangle with the vertices angles marked on the inside with \alpha, \beta, and \gamma and sides marked with a, b, and c on the outside.

I've started by copying a sample from PSTricks user manual page 70 and wrapping it in a \pspicture:




Doing this in Texmaker, I fcompile using latex –> dvips –> ps2pdf.
latex-build ends with the errors:

Line 13 ! ! Undefined control sequence.<recently read> \pcline \pcline
Line 14 ! Undefined control sequence. 3 \ncput

The rendered file displays a triangle drawn correctly, but overlaid along the adjucent cathetus with the following text:

12 [offset=12pt]—-—(0,0)(4,3) 3 *[nrot=:U]Length

Best Answer

To use \pcline and \ncput you must include the pst-node package. Also, the 1 etc. are left from some line numbers in the code example.

A minimal examples, which should work is:

\usepackage{pstricks, pst-node}
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