[Tex/LaTex] everyshi.sty is missing, how to install


I'm trying to use the package pgfplots, and I have successfully installed it along with the pre-requisite pgf. Whenever I compile, I get the error message "The required file …everyshi.sty is missing", and then nothing works. I am using a Windows (64bit) computer with MikTeX 2.9 (when I installed it, I only did the basic set up). I am using TeXnicCenter as my environment. Help would be much appreciated. Thank You.

Best Answer

everyshi belongs to the ms bundle, which consists of several packages by Martin Schröder.

If TeX Live or MiKTeX is used, you don't need to install everyshi as single package, such as by compiling everyshi.ins or everyshi.dtx. Instead, use the package manager (tlmgr or mpm, respectively) to install the ms package provided by both distributions.