[Tex/LaTex] Escaping double quote character


I'm writing an English text while still using a German language package for the occasional umlauts in German names or similar by using the nGerman package:


The way umlauts are written is typing a double quote character followed by the "base letter" of the umlaut:




Now my problem is that I'm writing something surrounded by double quotes while a word starting with a possible umlaut is followed by it.

"welcome" at



That's not what I wanted. Therefore how do I escape the " to make sure it's not interpreted for umlauts?

Best Answer

You're misusing babel, in my opinion. Moreover, quotes should never be input with ".

If you load \usepackage[ngerman]{babel}, the hyphenation of English will be mostly wrong.

``Welcome'' at W\"urzburg

is the correct input and doesn't require babel.

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