[Tex/LaTex] Errors using a customised beamer theme: ua-beamer


Might I ask any help in using a customised beamer theme?
The theme seems to be called ua-beamer.

The GitHub repository can be found here:

The GitHub project can directly be downloaded as a ZIP-folder here: https://github.com/nschloe/ua-beamer/archive/master.zip.

I cannot create a working pdf-document at the moment. There is some explanation in the installation.tex file (located in the doc sub-folder), but even this document I cannot compile to pdf. The whole project seems coded pretty neat, but the explanation is hard to understand for me, perhaps since I don't have a lot of experience using customised beamer-packages.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Best Answer

You have to download the files and move them to the folders they belong to. Usually, package writers prepare the needed directory structure, but in this case, unfortunatelu not.

If you just want to use the theme, copy the package files found in the theme folder to your working directory. This is the shortcut for now, but if you want to use the theme over and over again, do the solid approach.

You can read more about the TeX Directory Structure in texdoc tds. I don't want to call every single file and its destination here and now, as it takes aabout three minutes to figure this out.

Typesetting the documentation might be a good idea, but one should mention that the use of XeLaTeX or LuaLaTeX is required.

Once the files are where they can be found by tex, you can do the following:

\title{the beamertheme of the University of Antwerp looks nice}
\subtitle{really nice}