[Tex/LaTex] error: pdflatex.exe: the memory dump file could not be found


I've seen this question on a closed post on this forum, but the answer given there does not solve my problem. I'm an unexperienced LaTeX user, using TeXnicCenter, and MikTeX 2.9 on 64-bit Windows 7. Whenever I try to compile a .tex file (also ones that used to work perfectly on my 32-bit Vista pc), I get the error

pdflatex.exe: the memory dump file could not be found.

I've already tried suggestions from other forums, like making sure there are no spaces in the path to MikTeX (i.e. not putting it in Program Files), but they don't solve the problem. Also one suggestion said to go to start-> all programs -> MikTeX 2.9 -> maintenance(admin) -> settings(admin) -> formats, then click the pdflatex.exe file and build it. Either I misunderstood the directions, or something is wrong in my MikTeX, because the formats list is empty. Also when I clicked the formats tab, it gave this error:

no formats.ini exists.

But when searching manually I did find this file in MiKTeX2.9/miktex/config.. Can someone please help me with this, thank you 🙂

Best Answer

A community wiki answer, to not let the question open:

The problem was solved by the OP by first reinstalling MiKTeX, which did not help yet, and reinstalling TeXnicCenter.